Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do you just want the coupon Inserts and not the hassle of all those newpaper's?

Do you hate going through 5 Sunday paper's? I know I do and I hate to waste all that paper! I recently stumbled on this website called Mad Coupons and I think it's a wonderful idea. They sell only the inserts. Just contact her and give her your email address and they will send you up dates of the upcoming coupon's in the inserts and you can choose what week's you want to get them. Here is the deal they have going on now.

"Mad Coupons is now shipping coupon inserts throughout the U.S. A pack of 10 copies of each coupon inserts is $10.50, which includes all shipping charges. This week has 3 coupon inserts so you would get a total of 30 coupon inserts for $10.50 total. Email if you would like the complete coupon previe...w or if you are ready to place an order. Happy Shopping!"

They also have a Facebook page click here to add them as a friend!

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  1. Don't buy coupons!!! You can print them off the internet for free at